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Pricey Retreat Amidst the Costa Rican Rain Forest

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From private islands in the South Pacific to the great castles of Scotland, this column will take a look at some of the most extravagant vacation rentals on the market.

Photos via Luxury Retreats

For those who want to spare no expense on their next vacation, look no further than the ten-bedroom, 10.5-bathroom Punto De Vista—a uniquely shaped estate where contemporary design meets classic Costa Rica.

With a ballroom, outdoor movie theatre, swimming pool, fitness center, dramatic interior, and large staff, this amenity-rich rental offers its residents an unforgettable and very luxurious stay. Also, it enjoys sweeping ocean views from the large rooftop deck and many other balconies found throughout. Already packing your bags? Hold that thought—rates start at $1,750 per night.

· Punto De Vista [Luxury Retreats]