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Traditional Balinese Design, With a Twist

In this series, I will showcase a spectacular room or outdoor area each day, and give you five reasons why I love it.

1: This area is functional, yet very beautiful. To me, that is the key for the perfect outdoor space.

2: I love the idea of being completely surrounded by water. The sitting area is just gorgeous, and the pool so enticing. It really does bring a new meaning to "the best seat in the house."

3: The design is quite soothing. This area meticulously blends island aesthetics with clean-lines and more contemporary and sophisticated elements. It's truly stunning.

4: The layout is very impressive. It showcases that of a traditional Balinese villa—in which, as is shown here, a swimming pool is found at the center of a villa—with a twist, being the covered lounge and floating steps.

5: It's exotic and unique. For a vacation retreat, such as this, it's important to have a "wow-factor." If this space isn't jaw-dropping, I don't know what is.

· Villa Mia [Luxury Retreats]