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Please Welcome the World's First Non-Girly Digital Design Pub

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Not gonna lie—there were groans, gripes, and irregular heart palpitations when news of another digital design magazine hit this week. But despite its marginally pharmaceutical-sounding name, Entra is actually truly a different kind of new kid in town. The magazine, created by former Arch Digest staffers and design-history eggheads, is bringing back the age-old tradition of charging people for subscriptions (although the inaugural issue is available for free.) There's (thank the lord) no real front of book; rather, the whole thing's a solid mix of interiors and architecture stories (Philippe Starck's new condos in India, and furniture designer Charles Hollis Jones's house in California, for example), as well as pieces ranging from high-design cars to outdoor furniture and fabrics to glass artist Kiko Lopez. A word of caution to fans of the current stable of digital design pubs (Lonny and its growing list of copycats): there's nothing remotely cutesy about Entra. No sidebars outlined in scrollwork, no flourished typography, no product pages arranged by color. (Necessary joke: even the cover photo's got balls.) If there were ever a crazy high-brow hybrid of Arch Digest, World of Interiors, and Interior Design, this would be it.

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