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Swank Manse With Bomb Shelter Solves All Judgment Day Needs

As far as riding out the End Times goes, those of us planning to stick around have scant options. (Though we hear there are still openings in that exorbitant bunker being built in Nebraska.) Luckily, our friends over at have compiled a list of regular-looking listings that all come complete with bomb shelters. Take the house shown here, a palatial six-bedroom in Alpharetta, Ga. Let's just say there are far worse places to be stuck while all, uh, hell breaks loose tomorrow night—there's a wine cellar, theater, billiards room, gym, and chef's kitchen, not to mention marble and 18k gold accents. (There's a pool, too, but one probably won't be able to go outside for a while.) Sure, it's asking $4.7M, but that seems like a modicum to pay for the assurance that life as you know it continues.

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