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The Overstuffed New York Digs of Preppy Pack Rat Thomas Cary

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Photos: Jeffrey Hirsch

The book collector and self-described "biblio-decorator" Thomas Cary opened his doors to the New York Social Diary, but the NYSD reporters had to leave their handbags outside. Why? They simply couldn't fit in Cary's apartment, with its piles of books, antiques, and accessories. The quirkiness doesn't end there, as the apartment is lacking in seating, features only a tiny bed, and has a "game room" so stuffed with merchandise that half the room is inaccessible. Still, this is made more understandable by the fact that this is Cary's business as well as his home and almost everything is for sale at the right price. Just ask Ralph Lauren, who tapped Cary to provide some of the tone-setting antiques that grace Polo's retail stores.
· Thomas Cary [NYSD House]