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Watch Foldable Furniture Completely Transform an Apartment

Today BuzzFeed picks up a fascinating six-minute promo video for Resource Furniture, an design firm specializing in space-saving solutions. Here, a bed is not just a bed but something entirely, incomprehensibly different: "All you have to do is move your chair—you have a five-and-a-half-foot desk—the bed releases with the fingertip, and there's a stop built in so that the bed doesn't fall on you. Now you have to actively pull it down, but everything remains on the desk, the desk remains parallel to the floor, and the balance is perfect. Everything operates very easily," the video host says coolly, as if everyone speaks this magical language. Imagine what would happen if these guys hired Gary Chang, the guy who managed to turn his 330-square-foot apartment into 24 different rooms. Complete and utter world domination, no doubt.
Video: Resource Furniture

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