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Sandra Bullock Not At All "Gun Shy" About Buying Ritzy Manse

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Proof that Sandra Bullock is so successful lies not in the fact that's worth some $125M but rather in the astounding, embarrassing number of puns we can so easily make with the names of her movies alone. Say, after her marriage with Loverboy Jesse James Crashed, Bullock had either Two Weeks Notice or 28 Days to figure out what the heck she was going to do. The Forces of Nature collided, she bought a place in New Orleans, and in December Miss Congeniality was named most-desirable-as-a-neighbor in a Zillow survey. Now, The Real Estalker brings word that Bullock has bought a Beverly Hills, Calif., mansion for $22.95M. It's got five bedrooms over 8,110 square feet, along with a 270-degree view spanning L.A. and the Pacific. (That comes out to $85K per degree, by the way). And it comes rife with Hollywood history: the Tudor-style estate has, over the years, belonged to actress Marlo Thomas and movie exec David Geffen.

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