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Lego Announces Newest in Architecture Series: Burj Khalifa

In April, 6,000 people helped erect the world's tallest Lego tower in Brazil. Existential question: is this or is this not more impressive than the idea of one person recreating the world's tallest tower in miniature? Soon, we'll all live in a world where both feats can co-exist, as Lego reps have just written in with the news that the next building in their Lego Architecture series will be Dubai's Burj Khalifa. You might recall the Burj Khalifa from late March, when real-life spiderman Alain Robert scaled all 2,717 feet of it. The Lego version is designed Adam Reed Tucker (the Chicago architect who just rolled out the Lego version of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth House, as well as all the other buildings in the Architecture series) and will be available in Lego stores and online come June 1. Biggest caveat here: do not, under any circumstances, knock it over. And we can only hope Lego has a contingency plan for Saudi Arabia's Kingdom Tower, which will stand one mile high and positively dwarf good ol' Burj once it's built.

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