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Paris, Je t'aime: Five Parisian Flats To Rival YSL's Duplex

Even after a week apart, we couldn't get over the beauty of Yves Saint Laurent's former Paris apartment—and Tom Ford's Paris haunt wasn't bad either—but the $34.2M price tag kept us wanting for something a bit more accessible. Now, only in this company would $6.5M seem like a deal, but this apartment on the Champs de Mars makes good on that price tag with up-close-and-personal, fishbowl views of the Eiffel Tower. The 2,200-square-foot, three-bedroom flat sits on the sixth floor an elegant stone building that features well-kept common spaces and an old-school caged elevator. Just the sort of charm we would be hoping for in a Parisian pied-a-terre, but there are four more options after the jump just in case.

? If that hunk of metal, the Eiffel Tower, isn't your favorite landmark in the City of Light, there's always this four bedroom spread overlooking the Arc de Triomphe. Potential buyers will have to inquire to hear the price, but the 3,800-square-foot apartment probably won't go cheap. Beyond the views, it boasts classic detailing, an open kitchen, well proportioned entertaining spaces, a private parking space, and a separate studio apartment for staff.

? When four bedrooms isn't quite enough to house your brood, it might be time to look at something a bit larger. How about this grand 17th-century mansion for $46M, including 18,500-square-feet of sumptuous interiors and 11 parking spaces. It all needs a bit of work, and the hassle of dealing with the Monuments Historiques might be more than an expat would want to tackle, but for someone willing to pay $46M for a fixer-upper, it shouldn't be a problem.

? For more modern turn-key tastes, this revamped 1880 townhouse is ready to impress with bold stylistic choices and a location in the happening gallery district of Carré des Antiquaries. The 3,800-square-foot home has 33-foot ceilings in the great room, with plenty of wall space for the art collection of the current owner and a sculptured spiral staircase. The owner's identity is shrouded in mystery and, unfortunately, so is the asking price.
? Now this last Paris residence might not have stunning views of some famous French monument or three-story ceilings, but it does check most of the boxes for a dream Paris pad. Located in the 16th, this 2,700-square-foot apartment features a load of classic detail, but it's presented a bit more tastefully than in the $46M number above. Here, the color scheme is more muted and there are no elaborate ceiling paintings of cherubs and the like, but for a little less than $5M, this is an impressive full-floor entertaining space ready for personalization.
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