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Please Say Hello to the Most Patterned House in the South

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Sometimes, hunting aimlessly through scads of far flung listings looking for something noteworthy can be a fruitless endeavor, and sometimes, well...we find something like this. Located in Buckhead, one of Atlanta's ritziest neighborhoods, this 3,000-square-foot grey stucco manse is one of the smaller houses, but, priced at at $525K, looks like a deal, from the outside anyway. The trouble is, the inside is bedecked in patterns, to the point that one of the bedrooms has floors, ceiling, drapery, and furniture all covered in the same chintzy fabric. The master bedroom isn't much better, with the same treatment in a slightly less offensive color. Needless to say this doesn't quite hold a candle to the studied Weinstock apartment we looked at on Friday.
· 3180 Rilman Road []
· Please Say Hello to the Most Patterned Apartment in the World [Curbed National]