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Copper-Clad Castle Channels the Renaissance in the PNW

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Location: Preston, Wash.
Price: $450,000
The Skinny: At the end of a remote driveway 30 miles from downtown Seattle, this fortress of a house has all the turrets and high walls of a castle, but without the staid stone facade. Instead, copper panels line the exterior and tiny slit windows are replaced by broad swaths of glass. It should be easy to feel like a king of the land in this place, with 4,000 square feet, towering ceilings, a chef's kitchen, raw timber structural supports, and green construction for the relative bargain of $450K. Still, our cousins over at Curbed Seattle couldn't help but notice that the daily commute into the city is trying at best. No worries, just send one of your knaves out to clear a path.
· 31135 SE 60th Street [Redfin]
· Eastside Copper Castle for Sale [Curbed Seattle]