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Purchasing A Property By An Architectural Great

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In this new weeklong series, Curbed National editor Sarah Firshein tosses guest editor Cole Perkins, the force behind luxury real estate blog Lavish Property, one question a day. Can a 13-year-old provide sound, sane, and salient advice about the ins and outs of real estate and design? Let's find out!

"Hey Cole, I'm looking to buy a home from an architectural great, like Frank Lloyd Wright or Mies van der Rohe. Are there any such gems available? We'd be willing to move to make it happen."

Actually, there are many homes like this on the market--and some at obtainable prices. Take this one, designed by renowned Frank Lloyd Right, for example: The Coonley House, built between 1908 and 1912, was renovated many times since, yet still maintains its original charm and beauty. Also, the Riverside, Ill. gem was dubbed by Wright as his "best house." Why did Wright adore this property so much?

Well, the masterpiece, which is now a National Historic Landmark, offers unique architectural features throughout, five-bedrooms, five-bathrooms, and impeccably designed gardens. Every room of the 6,000-square-foot abode showcases Wright's undeniable talent. And the price is not the jaw-dropping number you may have expected: this home can be yours for just $2.89M.

But if money is no object, you may want to consider this: The Coonley House was divided into two separate residences, the main wing (top of page), and the original bedroom wing (just above). At $1.299M, the bedroom wing is also for sale, which means, for about $4M, one with a serious influx of cash could purchase both and combine them once again into a magnificent single family home.

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