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Cliffside Retreat Offers Little Living Space, High Price

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Photos via Sotheby's

$4,000-per-square-foot to be in the middle of nowhere? Count me in! At 2,600-square-feet, this Big Sur, Calif. property offers little in square-footage--yet is "big in views." Outside, you'll find a striking cliff-side, multiple patios overlooking the water, two--yes, two--private beaches, and two lushly manicured acres.

The interiors--though a little bare--provide residents with a high-end kitchen, three-bedrooms, 3.5-bathrooms, and--as I assume you already know--breathtaking views of the water. So, does this spectacular setting make up for the lack of living space? Also, for an extravagant amenity--because every $9.988M abode does need one--how about an elevator down to the water, because who really feels like taking the stairs?

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