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Please Watch Mikasa's New "Making Life Memorable" Promo

Tabletop company Mikasa has just released a spiffy new branding video called Making Life Memorable, which provides a "glimpse at events in a couple's relationship and showcases how and when Mikasa would fit into these special moments; from when a couple first meets to a 25th wedding anniversary," according to the release. Amid some hardcore plate porn, faded-out photos, and orchestral music, here are some choice lines: "It was the worst pickup line ever, but that smile? Wow." And this: "Oh, Mom, he did the sweetest thing. He said I had barbecue sauce on my cheek, and he handed me a napkin with a ring around it." It's worth taking two minutes to watch—it will make your life memorable, indeed.

Video: Making Life Memorable by Mikasa

· Making Life Memorable by Mikasa [YouTube via Benzinga]