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Tiny in Chelsea, a Fortress in Indy, a Cambridge Cottage, and more!

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Sometimes we get so caught up in the super high end listings that we forget about some of the notable, more affordable numbers. So from now on we'll be making a concerted effort to bring some lower-priced offerings to the front page. Admittedly, our inspiration is internal: Curbed SF has been running similar posts for that stratospherically-priced city for a while now. Okay, let's get started in famously-expensive NYC, where this Chelsea walk-up requires three flights of huffing and puffing with the groceries, but delivers with exposed wooden rafters, a relatively spacious pullman kitchen, and a deep closet, all in just 500 square feet. Despite the tiny space, the price creeps close to our limit at $499K.

? To escape the cramped spaces of Manhattan, head out to Indianapolis, Ind., where this quirky contemporary has almost 5,700-square-feet arranged around an interior atrium on more than an acre. The windowless facade is something to behold, and the atrium idea is pretty groovy, but the interior is going to need a full revamp before it could be considered for any glossies. Still, for 11 times the space of the NYC digs, this place still only costs $500K.

? Down in Atlanta, Ga. we opted for something a little more classically styled. Though the listing claims this is "Frank Lloyd Wright-style," we have a hard time relating the conventional interiors to any of FLW's work. But the Prairie-style exterior and the loft-like living room combine to make this one enticing package anyway. Plus, this four bedroom has recently seen a $100K reduction in price, just enough to slip in at $500K.

Out in Denver, Colo., it seems quality Craftsman-style homes are a dime-a-dozen, but the interior finishes of this Congress Park bungalow set it apart from the pack. Between the classic built-ins, subdued color scheme, and basement rec room, there's not much to dislike about this $500K beaut.

? Just across the river from Boston, Cambridge, Mass. is famous as home to titan's of higher ed Harvard and M.I.T., but the limited housing stock and high prices don't make it easy to get by on a student's budget. At $449K, this petite two-bedroom cottage is one of the cheaper single-family homes in town, but it doesn't ">skimp on style. The stripped and white-washed beamed ceiling, caged light fixtures, and bright kitchen earn this house high marks.
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