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The Tabletop Mobile From Design Within Reach

This week on Curbed, I will visit one chain furnishings store a day and choose $500 worth of items. Though I am no design expert, most people do say I have great taste?

It's a fact: every room, whether modern or traditional, needs a fun piece of art. This mobile, offered by Design Within Reach, is an item that will fit beautifully into any space and provide a very playful vibe. Influenced by well-known Alexander Calder, Matthew Richard's mobiles--including this one, the Tabletop Mobile--"rotate 360 degrees" and satisfy "both sides of Richards’ personality: the artistic side and the technical side." So, how much will it cost you to liven up your space with a cool, contemporary fixture? Actually, just $385.

· Tabletop Mobile [Design Within Reach]