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Gold-Infested California Estate Is Not Fit For Royalty

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Photos via Homes of the Rich

It can go without saying that this Woodland Hills manse needs a "little" help. With over 8,100-square-feet of living, this eight-bedroom, nine-bathroom estate was "made for royalty"--well, at least by the broker's standards, which must be quite low, considering the almost blinding interiors. Throughout, it's evident that the "palace" has an abnormal love of rich reds, golds, and all things gaudy. It really makes you wonder--what kind of person owns this house, and more importantly, what kind of person will buy this house? Well, at $2.15M, absolutely no one with an ounce of sense or taste in their body.

· Looks can be deceiving??? [Homes of the Rich]
· 5223 WINNETKA Avenue []