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Five Mexican Getaways For a Raucous Cinco de Mayo

On May 5, 1862, an undermanned Mexican army managed to defeat the well-equipped colonial French invaders at the Battle of Puebla. The anniversary of that unlikely victory—Cinco de Mayo—is celebrated today by hordes of drunken Americans chugging Coronas, margaritas, and tequila. Perhaps not a fitting remembrance, but it certainly encourages Mexican tourism—even if most Mexicans don't celebrate. So in honor of this dubious holiday, we've assembled five south-of-the-border party pads appropriate for a modern-day American invasion. First up is this swanky six-bedroom villa in Punta Mita, on the Pacific coast near Puerto Vallarta. With daily maid service, a private cook for breakfast and lunch, and preferential treatment at a nearby golf club, it's no wonder it rents for $62K per week.

? Tijuana, the border town not far from San Diego, Calif., has long been the scene for no-holds-barred debauchery on the part of American tourists. Though hardly renowned as a safe vacation paradise, the club scene might be just the ticket for a rowdy Cinco de Mayo. Plus, the accommodations, simple as they may be, are far from expensive. This shabby bedroom near the city center runs just $10 per night, and comes with a brainy pedigree: a Fulbright scholar holed up here for an entire year while doing "research."

? Now back to all things fancy and expensive. In Cabo San Lucas, this "six star retreat" is an entertainers paradise, with room to sleep 16, a elevated hot tub, a swim-up bar, and beautiful views of the harbor. This sort of party palace doesn't go for cheap, asking $3,400 per night.

? Acapulco might have been most impacted by the recent wave of drug-related violence in Mexico, but the Rat Pack favorite still offers up some intriguing options. This penthouse apartment with expansive outdoor space is one, and, in the context of Cinco de Mayo, even the tacky artificial turf looks downright appropriate. Plus, the two-bedroom pad is reasonably priced at $184 per night. While in town, fans of midcentury architecture might be able to catch a glimpse of John Lautner's famous, stunningly beautiful, Arango House.

? On Mexico's quieter Caribbean coastline, this beachfront villa lies just north of the "Mayan Riviera." The well-equipped columned colossus leaves little to be desired, with six bedrooms, a high-end kitchen, landscaped grounds, and enviable location just steps from the sand, currently renting for $845 per night.
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