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Home Alone House For Sale, Macallisters Moving On

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Location: Winnetka, Ill.
Price: $2,400,000
The Skinny: The 1990 blockbuster hit Home Alone centered around the hijinks of a forgotten son attempting to foil two bumbling burglars from plundering his palatial home in a suburb of Chicago. For the first time in more than 20 years, that very home has hit the market for $2.4M. The sprawling Georgian Colonial has much to offer beyond it's famed leading role, including a four-room master suite, three additional bedrooms, extensive patio and screened porch space. Sadly, there is no mention of a tree house and the doggie-door equipped back door seems to have been replaced, but the basement remains spookily unfinished. On the whole, this is a spectacularly well-maintained family home that isn't attempting to trade solely on it's Hollywood connection. After all, the same family has been living there for 25 years, and didn't attempt to sell during the peak of Home Alone fever. Note for the next buyer, in this neighborhood, shovel-wielding, dark trenchcoat-wearing, long-beared old guys aren't all bad.
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