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On Rocky Scottish Isle, A Ruin Revived With Steel and Glass

For Alex Maclean-Bristol, a former captain in the British Army, moving back in with his parents at the age of forty sounded like a wise proposition, which is more understandable when we learn "home" is an 800-acre farm on the diminutive, remote Isle of Coll, part of Scotland's Inner Hebrides that has been in his family for centuries. Thus it was also fitting that Maclean-Bristol—who somehow wrangled the agreement of his wife and three kids—chose to make a modern new home amid the ruins of his ancestors. According to the New York Times, the Maclean-Bristol clan spent 18 months and more than $1.2M transforming an uninhabitable ruin into a sleek combination of old and new. Worth it? Just look at that photo.
· Warm Respect for a Scottish Ruin [NYT]