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Common Mistakes By Brokers In Listing Photos

In this new weeklong series, Curbed National editor Sarah Firshein tosses guest editor Cole Perkins, the force behind luxury real estate blog Lavish Property, one question a day. Can a 13-year-old provide sound, sane, and salient advice about the ins and outs of real estate and design? Let's find out!

"Hey Cole, what common mistakes do you see in listing photos?"

When it comes to bad photography in real estate, I've seen it all. The most common mistakes I see, though, are as follows: they are blurry, off focus, or too small. If a broker does not realize that big, beautiful photos that capture a room need to be included in a listing, they probably should not be selling real estate. Can't take a good photo? That's okay, just hire a professional. You need to spend money to make money, and the only way to sell an expensive property is by including nice photos (as well as a good description, and all the important details).

Take the photo above for example. Hooked On Houses recently released this picture of a $489,900 house--or animal shelter--for sale in Michigan. You are trying to sell a house here, not a few German Shepherds!

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