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Feel Like A True Italian In This Old-World Kitchen

In this series, I will showcase a spectacular room or outdoor area each day, and give you five reasons why I love it.

1: I love this kitchen because of its beautiful design and relaxing atmosphere. The color palette is quite soothing, and incorporates some contrast between the light blues and rich hardwoods.

2: The kitchen is the "heart of the home," and should have places for your guests to gather. Though not too large, this kitchen maximizes the space with a great layout.
3: This kitchen provides top-of-the-line appliances and sumptuous finishes, yet doesn't let these luxuries take away from the charm of it all.

4: With the curvature of the ceiling and window, the space distributes natural light very well. These architectural features also add a unique focus point for the room.

5: It has a pizza oven! This element, coupled with the distressed cabinetry, gives the kitchen a very old-world, Italian feel.

· Oak Hill Architects [Home Bunch]