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Newark Saved! Rental Mansion Asks $1,900 Per Day

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[Photos removed at the request of the photographer. View the photos here.]

Looks like after all the hype, young, Stanford-educated, project-dwelling mayor Cory Booker has finally turned around the troubled city of Newark, N.J. How, might you ask, did we come to this startling revelation? No, it doesn't have anything to do with the schools, despite Mark Zuckerberg's $100M donation. Our sole benchmark is the listing of this Newark manor, the former Tiffany Mansion, for $1,900 per day. The listing describes an eight-bedroom, 6,000-square-foot house with space for 12, wood-panelled library, formal dining room, butler's pantry, swimming pool, and formal gardens. Ah, but then comes the catch: "No sleepovers." That's right, this place is only available for daily events and photoshoots, though $1,900 per day still isn't a bad haul for a house that's probably worth less than $500K on the open market.
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