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Good Deals On Oceanfront Properties Near NYC

In this new weeklong series, Curbed National editor Sarah Firshein tosses guest editor Cole Perkins, the force behind luxury real estate blog Lavish Property, one question a day. Can a 13-year-old provide sound, sane, and salient advice about the ins and outs of real estate and design? Let's find out!

"Hey Cole, can you recommend any good deals on waterfront properties in vacation/summer towns close to NYC? I'm sick of renting—we're looking for an investment piece that won't break the bank, one that we can use for years to come."

Though I am not sure exactly what your definition of "affordable" is, I think we can all agree that the Hamptons are not cheap--especially when it comes to homes right on the water. So, to find a good deal, you'll have to check out other towns on Long Island. While scouring for properties, I did come across this townhouse in Atlantic Beach. The home, complete with three-bedrooms and three-bathrooms, is situated in Pebble Cove, a gated, oceanfront community with a pool and pool house. And at just $1.3M, this place is definitely priced well for beachfront living, even though the interiors do need a little work to bring them up to the "luxurious" standards you desire.

· 1639 Ocean Blvd Atlantic Beach, NY 11509 []