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The Klippan Loveseat; Skruvsta Swivel Chair From Ikea

This week on Curbed, I will visit one chain furnishings store a day and choose $500 worth of items. Though I am no design expert, most people do say I have great taste?

Though this couch may be a little vivid for my taste, I do love color. Every room needs color, and the Klippan loveseat from Ikea definitely provides that, what with large white polka-dots randomly placed over a bright red fabric. Price? Actually, very affordable: just $229.

Also priced very well is Ikea's Skruvsta swivel chair, at $149. The chair is quite simplistic, not taking up to much "visual space." And because this piece complements the Klippan loveseat perfectly, you can have great seating in your living room for under $400!

· KLIPPAN Loveseat [Ikea]
· SKRUVSTA Swivel chair [Ikea]