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Franklin Estate Has Security To Keep Gawkers Like Me Away

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Photos via Sotheby's

While down in Nashville, I just had to check out the area's priciest property--a $27.5M "plantation" situated in the town of Franklin. Sadly, I was not allowed through the gate of the Eagle's Rest estate (can you believe that?), so I only was provided with a little peek at the home's stately facade from the road. If let in, though, I would have enjoyed a tour of over 20,000-square-feet, five-bedrooms, 10-bathrooms, a home theatre, and a massive garage. The interior, while with a rich, classic design and luxurious amenities, is easily overshadowed by what is found outside: 700-acres complete with a horse barn, three-miles of trail, a 12-acre pond, a log-cabin guest house, and many other beautiful landscape features. Do you think they will open up for Cole Perkins next time?

· 1350 King Lane [Sotheby's]