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Net-Zero House of the Future Measures Less than 100 Square Feet

Great Scot! Finally, the geeky international equivalent of that 90-square-foot Manhattan studio we looked at a few weeks back. The Cube, just unveiled for the Edinburgh Science Festival, measures three meters on all sides yet still features an attractive lounge, a table with two chairs, a bed, a full-size shower, a kitchen with an eco-friendly fridge, a washing machine, and a composting toilet. Designed by engineer Mike Page (who calls the space "surprisingly comfortable"), the net-zero house needs only a connection to an electrical grid and cold water to function; waste is either composted or soaked away. (The Hairpin has a video tour.) It's not an actual residence, but if it were to be built we're fairly certain this would be the smallest house on Earth—of course, we're happily accepting applications for contenders.
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