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Manse Once Owned by Osama bin Laden's Brother Up for Grabs

First there was the architectural plans of the hideout in Pakistan, and now today's second Curbed post about Osama bin Laden with the name Osama bin Laden in the headline goes something like this: the abandoned Mediterranean-style manse once owned by Khalil bin Laden, one of Osama's brothers, is on the market for $1.999M. According to Zillow, Khalil purchased the home in 1980 for $1.6M, but fled the country just weeks after 9/11, leaving the 5,854-square-foot home, built in the late '20s, sitting empty. It's pretty obvious what sort of ghosts might inhabit these hallways—never mind the last name, the Brazilian government once investigated Khalil for possible terrorist connections—but perhaps not as known are the perks of this place: five beds, five baths, carriage and guest houses, and—should other attractions be needed, of course—a convenient location just 30 minutes away from Disney World. Fun!

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