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Paula Deen to Launch Beefy New Collection of Home Accessories

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Y'all better get a load of this buttery goodness: Paula Deen is taking time out from dressing up as Lucille Ball and being on Top Chef All-Stars to do what all that time in the kitchen has taught her to do best: create a line of bedding, bath products, lighting, and home accessories. The Food Network celebrichef will debut the The Paula Deen Home Collection next spring/summer as a totally separate entity from the line of furniture she's already got going. No photos yet—golly gee, we can't wait!—but according to the official release "every piece in my Home Collection echoes my love for making a house a home, and has my blessing.” Will they also have 5,000 calories and make the whole house smell amazing? Anyway, the new line will be produced Springs Global, which also manufactures Diane von Furstenberg's newish home collection. And it is, officially, the best news to hit the home sphere since the announcement of the Sandra Lee Sears/Kmart collab.

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