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Have a Look at Some of the World's Creepiest Dollhouses

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We can get behind anything design world-related rendered in mini, whether a shrunken version of an Elle Decor story or a Barbie trotting around in architect gear. Here's something new for the books: a series of decrepit, decaying dollhouses obsessively crafted by French artist Marc Giai-Miniet to convey "the relationship between the shade and the light, the good and the evil... The great question is: 'What the man, and why it is? Didn't it let mildew its chances of happiness?'" Whatever all that means, one thing's for sure: it would take doll with a mighty strength of character to weather the mildew and must in Giai-Miniet's creations, aptly bestowed with ominous titles such as "La mémoire douloureuse." That being said, the results are oddly spectacular. Have a look above.

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