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Yankee History, Southern Charm, The Hamptons, and More!

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When it comes to historic properties, often times it's the most expensive houses that have the most documented provenance. The owners of massive estates passed down through the generations tend to have the upper hand on history. So we were pleasantly surprised when we came upon this 1780 farmhouse in Sturbridge, Mass., which was built by Samuel Hobbes, a farmer who participated in the Boston Tea Party. Hobbes's homestead, known now as Maple Lane Farm, sits on 6.35 acres abutting protected land, an hour's drive west of Boston. The five-bedroom, two-bathroom main house is complemented by an attached carriage barn, two-car garage, and equestrian barn. Not a bad deal for $445K.

? What it lacks in Revolutionary War history, this Dallas, Texas abode makes up for with charming curb appeal, thanks to an ivy-clad white brick facade and a bold red door. The $500K house has two bedrooms, a 1,000-square-foot guest house, plenty of outdoor entertaining space, and a chef's kitchen with vintage professional range. The last bit should come as no surprise as the listing reveals it is the "former home of a well-known Dallas chef."

? Purchasing a home in the Hamptons is usually reserved for those willing to plunk down a fortune on a summer estate. Luckily, if buyers are willing to forgo water views, proximity to ocean beaches, and accessibility, there are deals to be had on the East End of Long Island. This A-frame on Shelter Island offers a comfortable, casual lifestyle with screened porches, three bedrooms, and a half acre for just $425K.

? In the summer enclaves north and south of San Francisco, finding a house with water views for under $1M can be a challenge. So this one-bedroom house with sleeping loft and hot tub is quite a steal at $499K. Granted the new owner will be compelled to do some remodeling and the town's name—Bodega Bay, Calif.—doesn't exactly inspire visions of beachside elegance, but it's just an hour and a half drive from S.F.

? In the appropriately named lake-side resort of Coolin, Idaho, lakefront property attracts a premium. Case in point, this one bedroom, somewhat worn out one bedroom cottage is up for sale at $499K. From the broker babble, it sounds like this one is being marketed as a teardown, but this "great location for Bistro,Retail or B/B" would also make a relaxing residential getaway.

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