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Roseanne Cash Makes a Plea to Save Dad Johnny's Boyhood Home

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Roseanne Cash, eldest daughter of the late Johnny Cash, has just taken to the Twitter to make a case for the Dyess, Ark., house where her pops lived from age 3 through his childhood. The shoddy old structure, five rooms on what used to be 20 acres on cotton fields, is but one of the dozens of entries in the National Trust For Historic Preservation's 2011 This Place Matters Community Challenge. Which is sort of a fancy way of saying that if Cash's boyhood home wins ($25K for first prize, $10K for second, and $5K for first), it could be restored and opened to the public, infusing a steady stream of tourists and cash into a decaying town of 410 people. "Simply put, it is a chance at survival," according to the project page. "Dyess is a dying town—losing population and resources, with no chance of reviving the traditional economic driver, family farms." Not to play favorites—well, OK, to blatantly play them—get on o'er here to register and vote. Polls close June 30.

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