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Rent Out This London Penthouse For a Mere $65K Per Week

We kicked off this week by touring a $123M English mega mansion and we're ending it by touring a blinged-out London penthouse with similarly shocking stats: it's renting for some $65K per week. To put this in better perspective, the most expensive home for rent in Manhattan right now is a seven-bedroom midtown townhouse that's asking $49.5K per month, according to a quick Trulia search.

Located in swank condo building Wellington Court, the flat has six bedroom suites (with headboards made of eel skin, crocodile, and ostrich leather), two kitchens, a hydrotherapy spa room, a dining room with a high-gloss black ceiling, six outdoor spaces, and a gym with red crocodile leather floor covering. Turns out commitment to all this craziness comes with a perk: anyone who signs a six-month lease or longer will get it for the bargain basement price of $41K per month. The agents believe it is "likely to appeal to 'Russian or Middle Eastern' clients."

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