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Check Out The Homes of Five Famous Philandering Nincompoops

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For all the talk about sexting being some terrible tweenage scourge, a whole lot of seemingly responsible adults are getting caught with a cellphone in hand and their pants down. Whether it's fair or not, Congressman Anthony Weiner's illustrative last name has exacerbated his sex scandal, which, what with it's multiple women and graphic imagery, was bad enough already. Now, Weiner's been forced to take the scene of some of his released dick pics—his apartment in Queens, N.Y.—off the market. The two-bedroom apartment (above) in the neighborhood of Forest Hills was listed back in May for $449K, but disappeared after the Congressman's illicit communications came to light. Considering how downright sophomoric this apartment's decor looks, it's no wonder Weiner has the sexual self-control of a frat boy.

? The noncommittal QB Brett Favre was also caught sending dirty picture messages recently, this time to a sideline reporter in the fall of 2010. The most incriminating photo—starring the football star's manhood—features some greenish water in the background. Could the photo have been taken from the lake in front of his Sumrall, Miss. mega-mansion? Possibly. Does the size of the house indicate that he's compensating for a certain blurred portion of the incriminating photo? Almost certainly.

? The rapper and domestic abuser Chris Brown upped the ante on ill-advised behavior when he snapped a full frontal photo of himself in the mirror that included his face and distinctive tattoos. No mistaking it. Interestingly enough, his graffiti-covered pad is even more childish than Weiner's dorm room chic. How do we know this? Why, from his Twitter feed of course. In 2009, he posted the above photos, which seem to depict a home that consists of closets, a garage, and a game room.

? Apparently, some of the French politicians are no better—and might be a fair bit worse—than Mr. Weiner, at least if the allegations of sexual assault against former IMF director Dominique Strauss-Kahn prove well-founded. While he waits for the trial, DSK is under house arrest in a NYC townhouse. The capacious Tribeca crash pad boasts a roof deck, a bar, and a home theater for the $50K per month in rent, which means the embattled businessman can spend a night on the town without ever leaving his 6,800-square-foot cell.

? Former boy band member and now near perpetual sensation Justin Timberlake might have a wholesome look for a pop star, but that doesn't mean he's always been on the up and up. Apparently, last fall he lied to actress Olivia Munn about breaking up with his girlfriend, Jessica Biel, in order to become "openly affectionate." Well, he hadn't broken up with her...yet. Still, it's not like one iota of public trust was besmirched in this case and none of the parties were married to one another. Though you can be sure there are legions of JT fans out there who are hoping some sort of nude pic comes out of all this hoopla. On the upside for Timberlake, he found a buyer for his $5M Tribeca condo, after moving to Gwathemy Siegel's Soho Mews (above) last year. But having a Soho penthouse and a winning smile doesn't prevent you from being a slime ball. Not by a long shot.

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