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The Baller Homes of NBA Owners: Cuban, Prokhorov, and More!

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Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was behaving a little oddly following the Mavs win in the NBA Championship Finals—cursing on ESPN and hinting that championship rings are passé. The billionaire even took the trophy home and slept next to it, or so he claimed on Twitter. Eventually, he'll have to find a more permanent, socially-acceptable place for that trophy, but it shouldn't be too hard in his 24,000-square-foot Dallas mansion that he bought for around $14M. Strangely though, the basketball fanatic passed up on the official home court: the one out back is lined for tennis.

? Russian oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov bought the New Jersey Nets—soon to be confusingly relocated to Brooklyn—and wasn't shy about his aspirations for the team, challenging city rivals the Knicks with an enormous billboard adjacent to Madison Square Garden. He has been indecisive on choosing a New York pied-a-terre, despite becoming the subject of much speculation. Why might he be so hesitant? Well for one, he only plans on spending 6-8 weeks in the city per year. Second, his Moscow pad is pretty plush and he admitted to Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes that he's not much of a traveller. Check out a walkthrough of Prokhorov's Moscow digs above and you might understand why he's such a homebody. Heck, the guy can't even remember where his $45M yacht is!

? The owner of the Washington Wizards, former AOL exec Ted Leonsis, was involved in a strange house swap with fellow DC-area rich guy Chris Rogers of Nextel. Rogers agreed to buy Leonsis's old mansion and Leonsis paid some $20M to move into Chez Rogers. That meant quite a haul for the Nextel exec, who paid $4.91M for the Potomac, Md. property in 2005. With ten bedrooms, 13 baths, and its own name—Marwood—at least the estate looks fit for a billionaire.

? Wyc Grousbeck might not wholly own the Boston Celtics—he shares that honor with his father, H. Irving Grousbeck, and Bain Capital managing partner Stephen Pagliuca, among others—but he is certainly the most visible. The younger Grousbeck has helmed the business end of the Celts since 2002 and remains as faithful to his hometown team as he does his actual hometown, Weston, Mass., where he grew up and where he currently resides in this stately red brick Georgian.

? The name Michael Jordan is not unfamiliar to fans and laypersons alike, but Jordan's team, the Charlotte Bobcats, might be the least recognizable franchise in the NBA. That might explain Jordan's reluctance to commit to Charlotte full-time, but so too would his massive Highland Park, Ill. estate, outside of Chicago. The 29,000-square-foot megamanse includes, finally, a basketball court, a tennis court, and 200 mature pine trees that were transplanted on site for $10K a piece.
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