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Decor That Will Prevent You From Getting Laid: an Official List

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A few weeks ago, one NYC guy finally cracked the code on how to bed tons and tons of women: having a really insanely cool apartment. “Women see windows—and skirts come off," he said, unabashedly. Today Shelterpop runs a story on homes that do exactly the opposite: scare people off. A number of willing interviewees intrepidly share their horror stories; their tales, though sad, are particularly useful for lost souls who may need a kick in the caboose when it comes to decorating. To boot: the dating populace has spoken and it deems the following types of home decor utter deal breakers:

· Performance photos of yourself.
· Lazy chairs.
· Exotic animals like snakes, say.
· Prints of famous paintings "that everyone has seen a zillion times."

· Black leather couches.
· Anything leopard print (for a straight guy).
· A dirty mattress without sheets.
· "Paper cups full of dip spit."
· Stolen cardboard document boxes used to store clothing.
· Giant bloodstains on the wall.
· Anything that hints at a shine to Britney Spears, such as "posters, framed CDs, [and] some Britney Spears Barbie dolls still in their boxes on a shelf."
· A "polka-dotted pink wall."
· "Stick-on stars covering the ceiling."
· Taxidermy.
· Too many plants.
· Sports posters.
· Architectural blueprints "of a two-story trailer that was constructed by placing one trailer in a giant car port and putting another trailer on top, and building a staircase between them."

Any others? Leave 'em in the comments or email us your horror stories, which we promise to publish anonymously. (Hey, we want you to find love, too!)

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