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Watch a Crane Lifting a Swimming Pool Crush a House Instead

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(Caveat: no one in the following scenario was injured.) If ever one wondered how in-ground swimming pools are moved, here's a fine, fine example. A crane straining to transport a fiberglass pool to the backyard of a Shoreview, Minn., home collapsed under the weight and smashed into the house, wrecking the garage roof, chimney, and fence. Luckily, one of the electricians on site shot a video to document the whole incident, including a spectacular swearing spree on the part of the crane operator. Watch the whole thing go down, but make sure to keep headphones on.
Video: Crane Crushes House

· Crane Crushes House [YouTube via Gawker]
· Crane crashes on Shoreview, Minnesota home [KARE 11 via Gawker]