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Introducing Curbed's First-Ever Annual Outdoors Week!

Heads up, dear readers: Starting Monday morning and ending when we peace out next Friday, Curbed National is stepping outside for the first annual Curbed Outdoors Week, a celebration of all things under the sky that do not happen to take place indoors. All week long, in addition to our regularly scheduled programing, we'll be focusing on the glory of the great outdoors—think fantastic rooftop spaces, glorious gardens, unbelievable views, and other al fresco things that promise to blow your mind.

Of course—as we spend most of our days inside in the land of steady WiFi—your help here is essential. If you've got a great roof deck, a view that's either utopian or ruined by some horrid new building, or a favorite secret park or nook, snap a photo and send it our way. Maybe you've returned from vacation only to find your lawn mulched over. We're interested stuff like that, too. And decorators/interior designers/architects, feel free to tip us off to any outdoor work you've done that deserves an extra dose of editorial love. We'll run our favorites all next week. This will be fun.