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"Design" Category Dropped from Twitter's "Who To Follow" List

Twitter's "Who To Follow" feature has garnered an enormous stable of disciples since it launched more than a year ago. For those green to the ways and wonders of this social-networking hub, the page takes users gently by the hand and guides them toward people and companies who might be of interest. Well, sometime within the last day or two, Twitter dropped the "Design" category, leaving a big, gaping hole between "Culture & Museums" and "Entertainment" and, of course, inciting wrath from members of the design community. An investigation into Whotofollowgate (using its new proprietary hashtag #BringBackDesign) turns up a few examples of how folks are reacting. High-design litter-box firm ModKat beseeched, "The cats want it back! Mreeeeow!" Design Milk blogger Jaime Derringer politely wrote, "Dear @Twitter, please bring back the Design category in Who To Follow. #BringBackDesign - Please RT!" Meanwhile, graphic designer Chris Delorenzo proffered a practical plea: "Can someone just make a website for now with all the names of people we want to follow for designers? #BringBackDesign." Well said, brother!

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