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Candy Spelling Deployed Price Chop, Ecclestone May Not Be Buyer

Lots of unconfirmed rumors have been coming out of L.A. real estate circles since it was announced that Candy Spelling's long-listed mansion had sold. According to TMZ, Candy Spelling agreed to sell her L.A. megamanse for $85M, a whopping 43% off the steadfast $150M asking price. Other sources—despite reports that 22-year-old auto racing heiress Petra Ecclestone is the buyer—have the purchaser as an anonymous billionaire who would put the $4B Ecclestone fortune to shame. Is Petra playing front for a family friend? Her father Bernie and billionaire real estate snob Lakshmi Mittal—who controls a $28.7B fortune—are known to be friends, but Mittal wasn't too shy about paying exorbitant sums for his homes in the past. Perhaps the most outrageous was Mittal's purchase of a house on Kensington Palace Gardens in London for $128.25M. The seller? Mr. Bernie Ecclestone. Coincidence?
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