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Las Vegas Market Releases Utterly Bonkers New Promo Video

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If there's one thing the furnishings industry needs these days, it's a nonsensical promo video filled with Robin Leach, showgirls, Elvis impersonators, Las Vegas Mayor Oscar B. Goodman, and Wayne Newton. That's precisely the tactic recently undertaken by World Market Las Vegas, a gargantuan exhibition complex that's gearing up to host Las Vegas Market, a biannual trade fair happening in August. In the video—created "to entertain and excite Market attendees and visitors"—Robert Maricich, CEO of World Market's parent company, prances and dances through the space, encountering performers, chefs, Vegas celebrities, and girls wearing hot pants and tight T-shirts along the way. (He barely flinches when accosted by a bunch of spandex-clad guys from Viva Elvis.) "The response from participating entertainers was overwhelmingly positive and shows just how hospitable and friendly this city really is," expains Maricich in the press release. Come, let's join him on the journey, shall we?


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