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Sunny Mediterranean Escapes on the Tiny Island of Malta

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The island nation of Malta, located some 60 miles south of Sicily, is tiny, measuring a little less than twice the area of Washington, D.C., and with a population of more than 400,000 people, is one of the most densely populated countries on earth. Luckily for those packed into the diminutive island, the weather is some of the best in Europe. Stars make it to town too. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have relocated to Malta for the filming of Pitt's latest flick, reportedly shacking up in an $11M mansion. For those who care to join the movie stars on this rocky isle, we've found five high-priced Maltese properties, starting with this $15.2M penthouse. It's worth enough cash to outshine the Pitt-Jolie pad maybe, but the mix-up of styles in this three bedroom is more than we can take.

? In the town of St. Julians, there's another penthouse with a much more agreeable price tag and slightly less off-putting interiors. The $3.7M three bedroom still has its fair share of drama, but no oversized beer bottle decor. The apartment itself, at 8,000 square feet, is pretty oversized though, with a sprawling terrace that features turf, teak, and a swimming pool.

? Don't worry, it's not just penthouse in Malta, in fact some of the finest properties are exceedingly old stone structures that have been well preserved by the near-constant sun. This palazzo is a litte rough around the edges, but fetches a $16.5M asking price anyway, thanks to 2.2 acres of grounds and a gaudy interior, neither of which seem kept to a standard high enough to justify such a high price.

? For something a little cheaper, forgo the massive spread and head to this $500K "house of character." Possibly priced so low to make up for the unpronounceable town name of Mqabba, the stone home is organized around three courtyards. Flowering plants abound, the interior looks well finished, and there's room to expand the current three-bedroom layout into a six-bedroom with space for plenty of guests.

? The poor condition and high price of many of the existing Maltese properties makes building anew a tempting choice. This $3M villa has all the modern amenities that you'd expect from the price tag, or at least it will once complete. For the moment, it's just an unfinished shell, but the chance to personalize make this an alluring option.

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