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Restoration Hardware's Future: an Infographic With Gnomes

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The chart above is from the newest WSJ. Magazine's profile of Restoration Hardware co-CEO Gary Friedman and how he's endeavoring to completely revamp the decades-old brand. Allow us to summarize with stuccato. Then: boring, in-laws' house, gnomes. Now: metal, man cave, chrome, cool, some torture.)

So how, exactly, does Friedman intend to accomplish the transformation? By creating just what everyone wants: for starters, redesigned stores that don't actually sell some of the things they have, products bearing at least six names ("19th C Parisian architectural bracket mirror"), and, of course, a 384-page catalog. "Find another home book that big," he told the Journal proudly. Oh, wait! Thanks to the ever-growing stable of voluptuous online shelter magazines, we've nearly found one.

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