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Be Quick to Hit the Links in These Five Golf-Friendly Houses

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Golf, consistently lauded as a life-long pastime, is generally a sport reserved for those who can afford club memberships and greens fees and fancy new clubs, but even the average well-heeled golfer would recoil at the asking price of this estate in Bridgehampton, N.Y. To be fair, this 60-acre property, dubbed Three Ponds Farm, is less of a private home and more of a private resort, with an 18-hole golf course, grass tennis court, 75-foot swimming pool, and a 20,000-square-foot main house with golf-cart garages. The asking price? A whopping $68M, which, to be sure, does not include the stratospheric maintenance costs. And amid all this extravagance, we were amazed to find a Caddyshack-worthy hangout room complete with stuffed moose and a neon sign that looks ripped from a Chinese restaurant.

? Hidden in a dense stand of woods, this 12,000-square-foot spread backs up on the 14th-green of a course in Jupiter, Fla., not far from Tiger Woods's new digs. The $12M mansion is designed in a Mediterranean-meets-plantation style with a dash of theme park thrown in. For the golfing-averse, the backyard is dominated by a serpentine series of pools with unique features like a beach-style entry and treed islands. Nine bedrooms and ten baths ensure there's plenty of space for golfers and swimmers alike.

? The mountainous state of Idaho isn't well known for its golf courses, but a new development in the resort community of Coeur d'Alene is looking to change that. Utilizing familiar Rockies architecture, this rustic-looking mansion sits on the 7th green at Gozzer Ranch and features four bedrooms, four baths, and an uncommonly wide porch with fireplace overlooking the course. Seeing as golfers aren't necessarily flocking to this region, the prices are lower, with this home asking $2.49M.

? Unlike Idaho, Hilton Head, S.C. is known for its golf courses, and even plays host to a PGA Tour event. In 55 square miles of island there are no fewer than 26 different golf courses, ensuring varied play for years with minimal effort. With all those golf balls flying around, it pays to put a little buffer between the house and the course. This six-bedroom contemporary house is separated from the golf course by a lagoon, but the next round is still just a quick cart ride away. So how much to be in the middle of it all without hearing the word "Fore!" screamed in your direction? $1.75M.

? Regular readers may remember this Pebble Beach, Calif. spread, it was a House of the Day back in December. Six months later and the $19.5M price tag hasn't seen an adjustment. Just waiting for that deep-pocketed putter to take notice from the green at one of America's most famous courses? Not a bad marketing ploy, but we wonder how the course management would enjoy a much more conspicuous "for sale" sign in front of this fifteen-room mansion. At least the next buyer can enjoy a private par-3 course on the front lawn.

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