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Zen-Like Prose About the Outdoors in the New York Times

Here now, we kick off Curbed's first annual Outdoors Week. Stay tuned for the next five days as we explore the all the wacky and wonderful things that happen outside the usual four walls. Have a photo or personal recollection about an outdoor space? Send it to the tipline.

Plenty of daily newspapers tackle the topics of homes, interiors, and design, but none does so with the same ferocity as the New York Times. Which is why we took cues from our cousins over at Eater NY and dug deep within the paper's archives to extract what's arguably the meat of its weekly Home & Garden section: moments of utterly still, poignant, meditative, and Zen-like prose used to describe outdoor spaces. Above, please find some prime examples, all rendered on illustrative imagery.

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