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Man Sees Jesus in Rocking Chair and Tries to Profit From It

A California guy named Lou Balducci has seen Jesus, and he resides in a peeling, rotting rocking chair on the patio. While Balducci isn't religious, his in-laws and his housekeeper deemed the find a blessing; his wife, though skeptical at first,
"took a photo of the chair into her regular nail salon to show the owner who she knew to be religious. As she told him the story, a woman in the salon overheard and began to tear up. The woman had cancer, Lynn Balducci said, and thanked her for sharing and providing the extra encouragement she needed." As for what to do about this good fortune, Balducci had this to say: "Everyone says sell it. We haven't really considered it. I think it's just something I want to keep in the family." Except—oh, right—he just put the chair on eBay with a starting bid of $25K. (Zero bids and counting!)

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