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Martha Stewart Patio Tables are Apparently Exploding Everywhere

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Outdoor living—even during Curbed's Outdoors Week—isn't all sunshine and blue skies. Just ask the poor Colorado woman whose Martha Stewart Living glass-top patio table, which she bought from Kmart in 2008, decided enough was enough and spontaneously exploded. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia issued the following statement in response: "We take product safety very seriously. We provide the aesthetic design for beautiful products. Because we do not oversee the mechanical design, engineering or manufacturing of the products, we require all of our vendor partners to adopt and comply with product safety programs and reviews," later telling a FOX31 news in Denver that the problem was ultimately Kmart's responsibility. Turns out, though, that this is but one of hundreds of similar incidents—there's a whole laundry list on the Consumer Affairs website with complaints ranging from "table exploded with glass all over the deck" to "the glass top spontaneously shattered all over the patio, with shards covering our guest's legs."
Video: Martha Stewart Living Patio Furniture Explodes:

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