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A Taste of the Outdoors for Under $500K? Just Keep Driving.

Access to the outdoors is not limited to the multi-milliondollar properties, provided buyers are willing to go a bit further afield for their fresh air fix. Three hours north of San Francisco in Elk, Calif., this $434K two bedroom is nestled up against a dramatic cove and state park lands, lending it profoundly impressive views that belie the price tag. The ramshackle residence will need some TLC, but, with a lack of interior photos, it's hard to tell if its salvageable or not. Oh well, a tent on this site would probably be enough to satisfy ardent outdoor lovers.

? The mountain town of Silverton, Colo. has seen a recent pick-up in activity thanks to the recent addition of a ski area, but, due to an exceedingly remote location deep in the San Juan Mountains, remains largely untrafficked by tourists. That leaves this 4,800-square-foot structure priced much lower than those in Aspen or Telluride, $250K. Magnificent mountain views await outside, but the interior is in need of renovation.

? The tropical paradise of Key West, Fla. is not entirely out of reach for a buyer with limited budget. This two-bedroom cottage, listed for $500K, manages to squeeze both the house and a party-ready pool area into the miniscule, 0.04-acre lot. Plus, with high ceilings, the house doesn't feel nearly as cramped as it might look from the outside.

? Summer lake houses are also within reach under $500K, with sacrifices to creature comforts of course. This 1,000-square-foot cottage in Harrisville, N.H. sits on the 333-acre Silver Lake, but has only 0.6 acres to itself, which explains the $499K price tag. Still, the private lake access is a coveted asset, even with the rustic accommodations.

? For the green thumbs out there, here's a garden and fantastic plantation house on the market for just $330K. Usually when we see a Southern belle like this priced so low, the inclination is to assume the house has some horrible termite problem or some other such disadvantage. While that might be the case here, this Greek Revival antebellum estate in Marion, Ala. looks remarkably well preserved. Surrounded by acres of gardens, Myrtle Hill is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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