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German Hotel Promotes Camping Without the Roughing It

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Berlin's Hüttenpalast Hotel charges urban adventures 30 euros a night to sleep in a camper inside a hotel room. Here's how such a marvel in modern lodging came to be, more or less:
"[The owners] wanted to keep the great architecture and not destroy it by building seperate [sic] rooms into the manufacture [sic]....they started to think about a “room – in – room – concept” and decided to build little wooden huts into the hall. At some point they felt that they want more flexibility with the hall, since it is supposed to be a place of constant change. So they thought about putting wheels under the cabins. It was just then, they realized that there is already cabins with wheels existing: Caravans! This is why inside the manufacture hall there are three caravans and three wooden huts." Why yes, this makes perfect sense!

· Caravans and Cabins Waiting For You! [Hüttenpalast blog]