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Five Far-Flung Foreigners with Breathtaking Outdoor Spaces

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To ensure there wasn't too much of an American bias to these Outdoors Week proceedings, here are five foreign beauties that deserve to have their outdoor assets displayed. One of the best values, provided the buyer doesn't have hangups about the location, is this four-bedroom villa near De Nang, Vietnam. The house, set among a stand of palms, is raised up on a stone plinth that houses a gorgeous patio and pool, with views down a strip of sand to the ocean beyond. For something that would fetch many millions in a more popular location, $2.5M might qualify as a deal.

? Another tropical paradise, this Brazilian compound offers a plethora of outdoor wonderlands. First, there's the pool with treed island, a rail-less roof deck with unimpeded views of the water, several covered porches, and a gated beach entrance. Located on the resort island of Illhabela, not far from Sao Paulo, the estate has total interior space of 32,000 square feet, with seven bedrooms, and it's close to the island's popular yacht club. Qualified buyers will have to inquire as to the price.

? The Greek isle of Mykonos enjoys some legendary Mediterranean weather, but with all that sun, it cannot compete with the lush tropical vegetation of a Vietnam or Brazil. In an attempt to add some greenery to this sun-bleached land, the owner of this $10.7M, seven-bedroom villa installed dense plantings along the edges of the pool. In fact, those bushes seem to be the one of the few spots of color in this otherwise monochrome mansion.

? While this might look like a pretty ho-hum balcony, the sky-high location and even higher price tag make this a notable edition to our list. The 3,700-square-foot apartment is asking $200M, Hong Kong Dollars that is. Still, the $25M price tag is nothing to sneeze at. But just look at those views—encompassing both the city and the undeveloped hills on the outskirts of town.

? Like the Brazilian bombshell above, this four-bedroom waterfront pad near Stockholm, Sweden offers up a wide range of outdoor options. There's a death-defying roof deck, an outdoor dining area, and a lounge outdoor living room complete with all-weather arc lamp. Plus, the yacht slips are just steps away, all for $2.5M.

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